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Green Green Grass of Web

So eager to prove that the Mayan’s were correct about the end of the world on December 12, 2012 (12.12.12)? Well, waste no time anymore, because currently, the world has just come to the process of its ending.

Vengeance is the best option for nature. There are simple things we could not do now due to this climatic war. Imagine these. You can’t go stroll without your umbrella in a broad nine o’clock daylight. Girls refuse to go on dates on a very dehydrating beach and you can’t go at night because you have a curfew at 6:00 PM sharp. Your mom cuts down your allowance for her to buy a bottle of lotion with SPF 1,000. Man! Those suck, right? Knowing that one of the contributors of this bunch of mess is your fart.

If only there’s a scientist who could repair the not-so-golf-like holes in the ozone roof, then he would probably bag all the awards in the world like the Nobel’s, the Guinness’, even the Oscar’s, and even the top prize of this blog contest. I mean it, but there’s none. It would take 100,000 years to refresh the Earth, scientifically; that’s according to Professor Jim Zachos, of the University of California.

The Earth is not a computer keyboard; you could not just press the F5 button and refresh everything.

Three Rs of Environmentalism.

It will take time, surely. Recycling is the action needed for a long-time outcome, it may be an early conclusion, but it’s quite effective. Alongside, with reduction and reusing, it prevented the release of 79 million tons of carbon in the air in 2005 –about the same as would be produced annually by 39 million cars, estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Though, the Earth may have no F5 button, good thing it has this stuff called Recycle Bin.

I know, I know. You don’t have time to recycle, and you can’t even recycle the leftovers on your fridge, and things like that. We are there. Hush. If you can’t go green-living on your day-to-day drama, then why not while you are online?

Search for Green.

When we look down the various paths to sum up carbon emissions, we quickly see that web surfing adds up to a whole lot of emissions.

First, there is the amount of electricity to run your computer; the energy it takes to run the power plant that generates the electricity, and the lines to carry the electricity to your home; the carbon created in the manufacturing and shipping of your computer, plus the carbon emissions emitted by the computer company itself; the emissions generated by the data servers to house all the information and websites you’re surfing; and the emissions from the companies whose sites you surf. Zoo-wee mama!

Here’s the catch. Using Google as your default search engine makes bigger carbon footprint. True. A study surfaced by a Harvard physicist shows that each search processed created one to ten grams of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which adds up to a lot of carbon when there are 200 million searches being made every hour. So, to make your habit as vegetarian as it can be, use some alternative engines instead.

There are less-emitting-carbon engines that use the less-intensive black backdrop, lessening the amount of energy your computer consumes to display it, like Blackle. Offsetting the carbon emissions is what Znout, and Green Link Central do.

Also, green sites, like Forestle, Green Maven, Ecoseek, and Green Planet Search, donate their ad revenues to green causes like reforestation and climate change awareness programs. Plus, you’ll be able to find green things like green news, green fashion, green gadgets, and green crayons.

Fully Facebooked.

Sure, non-cobweb sites like Facebook are irresistible, after all. Getting greenie while surfing others’ profile is way easier than ABC. Just follow some pointers and start saving time, energy, and effort.

Do not install too many applications: just install applications which are necessities. Set a time limit: do not waste your whole time in the front of the computer; learn how to control; better yet, use Minutesplease. Don’t be caught in the chat: always go offline, unless otherwise needed. Ignore requests: you are not obliged to reply though. Ignore friend requests: don’t be afraid, hell they care. Minimize joining groups: be belonged to the useful ones. Do not exaggerate on uploading: use other file sharing sites. Most importantly, do not be obsessively updating: it’s a syndrome; you are not a news reporter and repeatedly tell the world that you are done pooping.


The power of the pen is still superior even reaching the online atmosphere; to include, targeting nature conservation. According to a post by Gregory Dicum at SF Gate Online:

The biggest green blogs now routinely attract more readers than most environmentally oriented print magazines. The free-form exchange among these bloggers and their readers has become an important part of the public dialog on environmental matters. Blogs provide a way for readers to examine environmental issues more completely and to form their own positions on the matters of the day. A perfect example is the way that climate change has been treated in the green blogosphere.

Blogging is a perfect avenue for environmental awareness. However, if your blog or website has nothing to do with the environment, still, there are a lot of ways you can make sure it is green.

First, green your computer: ensure that you’re computer is set to the most efficient mode possible to refrain from draining excess energy. Next, post fewer pictures and super fancy animations: the more whoozits you load each post with, the more servers have to bounce around information; the more energy every loading request takes to process. Then, use greener IT equipments: choose energy efficient equipment that utilizes recycled materials to avoid hazardous substances. And, make it carbon neutral: avail of online services like CO2 Stats that will assess the total energy consumption, and make carbon offset purchases to neutralize its impact.

Done already? Don’t think so. You could actually add up the finishing touch. Try embedding the 350 Challenge badge on your site.

By just simply placing it on your sidebar, you are already investing a small way to fight climate change. The more bloggers that will get the badge, the better. Millions will know that the climate movement is dominating even on the online sphere. As an addition, the site’s revenue will eventually go to green projects across the globe, and strengthen the CO2 emission awareness.

GOSH –Green Operating Software, Huh?

Microsoft’s Windows is dirty, and so as Apple’s OS. Then, why not install Ubuntu? Ubuntu is an open-source computer operating system. The fact that it is open-source simply means that it is free to distribute, and also that anyone can enjoy changing it in any way they like.

Ubuntu can help make your computer green. Package-less distribution, reducing e-waste, and reducing power consumption alone are clear reasons to give Ubuntu a chance today. Trust me: Your computer will never be this greener.

Online Distribution: Ubuntu is totally free. You can download the latest version online, from the official project website. This means that there is no need for packing like an oversized box, CD case, or the plastic shrink wrap that commonly accompanies such things. You don’t even need a disk or CD. Reducing E-Waste: Usually, getting the newest software means upgrading to a new computer. This is not necessary with Ubuntu. In fact, there are versions of Ubuntu specially designed to work with older computers. Energy Savings: Computers running Ubuntu have been shown to consume significantly less energy than identical machines running Windows Vista. In addition to this, there are a number of free programs available to help turn your Ubuntu computer into a power sipping green-machine.

No sweat! By just clicking here, and clicking there, you are actually helping extend the rope of future. So what if they are nut-sized steps? Who cares anyway, your mom won’t even know it. By the technology that you are using, you are not utilizing it to destroy more the Earth, you are not participating in the killings of your nature-related industries in your area, and you are contributing to the progress of the future. And, it’s a good job!

Combating climate change requires a big volume of doers. It entails every person who is privileged to breathe to take a stand for change. Change is nature; everything becomes an influence. And it starts, when we decide.

If all Chinese jump simultaneously and quake the Earth; then, why not the world start getting green? Point is, why not all humankind? Why not your city? Why not your community? Why not start now? The future is still in our hands. It doesn’t even require a simultaneous turning off lights, or simultaneous skipping driving of cars, or simultaneous non-exhaling for minutes to reduce CO2 emission. It requires you.

Why not you?

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